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HomeVP-6 Mail Drop 1965 by John Dill

VP-6 Mail Drop 1965
by John Dill

   Just before Christmas in 1965 we were assigned the mission of dropping mail to Ocean Station November. Those poor coasties on that little ship saved our asses many a day and we were more than happy to deliver their mail. On the way out to the drop, the PPC rehearsed the drop with the ordnanceman (Smitty, you remember?) who was to drop the waterproof cylinder filled with Christmas mail. PPC: Ok ord, we will drop on my third "Now". As we approach the ship, I will say "".   Drop on the third now. 
   Several hundred miles later, we located Ocean Station November and prepared for the drop. PPC to Ordnance:   "Ok, get the package ready for the drop".   Ord to PPC:   "eh sir, I already dropped the package, on your third now".   "WHAT? Are you kidding me?”   We explained to the guys below that we had to return to NAS Barbers Point and proceeded to retrace our route trying to locate the cylinder.....but not a chance in that vast ocean.   I never heard any more about this incident and always wondered if that damn thing ever washed up on shore someplace years later like a time capsule from days gone by. 

John Dill  
Crew 11 1964-66