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“The World Famous Blue Sharks” (1943-1993) PATRON SIX“
“This site is dedicated to preserving the history and memories of the shipmates of Patrol Squadron SIX.”


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Personal Decorations 
Won by Blue Sharks while assigned to Patrol Squadron SIX

Please send us copies of your citations, presentation certificates, newspaper articles, photographs and other documents which report VP-6 personal decorations. (Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Bronze Star, Navy Achievement and  Commendation Medals etc.)

Purple Heart                                          

 1951 ADC J. C. Oberg
 Bronze Star     
 1951 CDR A. F. Farwell  
Distinguished Flying Cross  
Ninety-one Men of VP-6 Hold DFC
AT1 Raglin, AL3 Rhea, AL3 Price, AO1 Joynt, AL1 Charlton, AL2 Pomeroy, AL2 Smith, AE2  Slamin, AOC Mitchell, ATC Margerum, AL2 Mosher, AO1 Miller, AD1 Martinez, AD1 Roster, AO1  Baggett, AL2 Colley, AD1 Mead, AD1 McKnight, LTJG Hodgson, LT Wood, LTJG Egger, ALC Acosta,  LTJG Rosenfeld, AMC Humiston, ENS Pickering, ADC Costelow, LCDR Ettinger, ADC Cieslewicz,  CDR Perkinson, ADC Oberg, LTJG Stone, AOC Hartzog, ENS Libby, LT Seargeant, ENS McNally,  LTJG Thompson, ENS Prehn, ENS Rowe, LT Sullivan
 AL2 Francis “Fritz” Jackson awarded the DFC by Cdr. Guy Howa  
 Ens. Richard Pickering awarded the DFC by Cdr. Guy Howard  
Air Medal  
1972 LCDR David R. Masters: First Award - Second Award  
 1950 AL2 Francis Jackson  
 Navy Commendation Medal    
 1986 LT Bill Eastwood  
 Navy Achievement Medal    
 1986 ATC Raymond Flanagan