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“The World Famous Blue Sharks” (1943-1993) PATRON SIX“
“This site is dedicated to preserving the history and memories of the shipmates of Patrol Squadron SIX.”


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Squadron Notes (1950) 


   The little groups you've been seeing around the squadron this week talking and comparing notes aren't an investigation but just Chief PAPPAS and Ens. GUNTHER making all the arrangements and getting ideas for the party. After getting everything all squared away, they've decided to have the party Friday 16 March at Nimitz Beach. The hours are from 1100 to 1800 so everyone grab the wife, kids, pets, etc., and be there. If you happen to be one of the ones who doesn't have a wife, bring the best girl firend or come along just as long as everyone is there. Of course I realize that we'll have to twist everyone's arm in order to get him to be there (joke-that is).

   The training program is in full swing now and as a result all the navigators are wearing big smiles these days as they've finally found out what it feels like to get in the cockpit. 

Maintenance is burning the midnight oil wondering how long the planes are going to hold up under all these "BOUNCE" hops. The night check crew has been started as a result, and seems to be keeping rather busy.

   The soft ball team has been working hard under the direction of "Speed" BROWN and all indications point to a good team. Any soft ball players who are interested see "Speed" as he can always use some good men. The bowling team met with some reversals last week but I've been told that it won't happen again.

   Want to say "ALOHA" to the wives of Lt. WARNER and FINERTY AL1, who arrived from the mainland via air this week. Understand that Chief HUDKIN'S happy mood lately is due to the fact that he's found a house and his family will soon be arriving.