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“The World Famous Blue Sharks” (1943-1993) PATRON SIX“
“This site is dedicated to preserving the history and memories of the shipmates of Patrol Squadron SIX.”


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Patrol Squadron SIX Returns After Many Months at War Front

February 1951

   Patrol Squadron SIX returned to the Naval Air Station, Barber's Point, Monday, Feb. 12, after a long tour at the Korean war front and was greeted by Captain Richard K. Gaines, Chief of Staff, who represented Rear Admiral Ernest W. Litch, USN, COMFAIRHAWAII. Waiting to greet the squadron were their wives and children who showered them with leis and kisses.
   VP-6 is under the command of Commander A. F. Farwell, USN, and is composed of nine P2V "Neptune" type aircraft.
   Commander Farwell's plane was the first to land at Barber's Point and was proudly displaying her "homeward bound pennant" which was streaming from the top of the fuselage.
   Patrol Squadron SIX departed Barber's Point Naval Air Station June 28, 1950, for the front, and has remained there since. The squadron was based in Japan and had continuous patrol runs at the Korean front. 
   The skipper of the squadron, Commander Farwell was greeted by his wife Marlyn, and three children, Artie 10, Dickie 9, and lyn 3 1/2.
   Commander Farwell said, "It really feels good to be back in Hawaii."