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5 Navy Wives Await News Of Plane Feared Shot Down
Contributed by Jack Masters


CREWMAN'S FAMILY- Aviation Electronics Technician Erwin Doyle Raglin, whose wife and three children are shown here, was aboard the missing bomber that may have been shot down by Russian fliers. Left to right, the children are Diana, 10 Melody, 15 months, and Lucianne, 5.

MAN IN THE FAMILY- Steven Paul Foster, 5, son of Aviation Machinist's Mate and Mrs. Paul Riley Foster, looks after his brother, John Francis, 9 Months, and sister, Carol Ann, 2. Steven's father was aboard the lost patrol bomber the Russians may have fired on.

   Five navy wives-all on Oahu-today are waiting hopefully for news of the US patrol bomber missing since November 6, which is believed shot down by Russian fliers over the Sea of Japan. 
   Ten crew men were aboard the missing craft-three officers and seven enlisted men.  

   They were stationed at Barber's point naval air station with VP-6, fleet air wing 2, until reassignment last July to the commander, naval forces, Far East.

   Those missing whose wives and families are known to be on Oahu include:
   Ensign Donald Allen Smith, husband of Mrs. Charlotte Virginia Smith, 2910-3 Date St. They have a daughter, Leslie, who will be 1 year old Christmas Eve.

   Aviation Machinist's Mate Paul Riley Foster, husband of Mrs. Gladys Lillian Foster Quarters 942, Ewa naval housing. They have three children. Steven Paul, 5; Carol Ann, 2, and John Francis, 9 months.

   Aviation Electronics Technician Erwin Doyle Raglin, husband of Mrs. Mary E. Raglin, Quarters 1010. They also have three children, Diana, 10; Lucianne, 5, and Melody, 15 months.

   Aviation Electronics Man Ralpn Andrew Wigert Jr., husband of Mrs. Lorraine Doris Wigert 1755 Nakula St. Wahiawa. They have a daughter Diana, 6.

   Aviation Ordnance Man Reuben Samuel Baggett, whose wife and a child are living at Quarters 937, Ewa naval housing. But they could not be contacted.

   Other members of the crew, apparently unmarried, include:

   Lt. Sam Rosenfeld, son of Frank Rosenfeld, 1746 41st Ave., San Francisco. He was a co-pilot of the twin engine bomber.

   Lt. Judd Clarence Hodgson, Dakota, Ill. It is believed he was the plane's pilot.

   Aviation Electronics Man Paul Gus Juric, son of Gus Juric, 361 10th st., San Bernardino, Calif. 

   Aviation Machinist's Mate Jack Lively, son of Sham Clifford Lively, Pax, W. Va.

   Aviation Electronics Technician William Samuel Meyer, son of Mrs. Ruth Meyer, Carlyle, Ill.

   Other personal history on these men was unavailable because their service records had been transferred with them to the Far East.
   Ensign Smith's wife Charlotte, said they arrived in Honolulu a year ago yesterday-the day the news concerning the missing plane was officially released.
   Ensign Smith joined the NAvy in 1948. He was the navigator aboard the plane, Mrs. Smith said.

   According to Mrs. Raglin, whose husband is a 14 year navy veteran and holder of the Distinguished Flying Cross, part of the crew and their families arrived here in May, 1950.
   Raglin's home town is Floris, Ia. Mrs. Raglin call Livermore Calif. her home. She intends on remaining at Barber's point until "I know for sure, one way or the other."

   Mrs. Foster, Whose husband has spent the last 10 years in naval service, feel the same way.
   "Nothing's impossible. I'll wait until I know for sure." she said. 
   Mr. Foster comes from Troy Grove, Ill. His wife's home town is New London, Conn.-"I grew up among sailors." she recalled.

   Their daughter, Carol Ann, will celebrate her next birthday Christmas Day. Son John will have a birthday the same day as Daddy February 16.
   All the wives here learned the plane was overdue within hours, or about November 8.
   Mrs. Wigert said she arrived here in April, when her husband was assigned to Barber's point. She hasn't seen him since July.
   He has been in the service since September, 1950. He saw 3 1/2 years in the Pacific during World War II. 
   His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Wigert Sr., live in South Gate Calif.