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“The World Famous Blue Sharks” (1943-1993) PATRON SIX“
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HomeWing inspectors laud VP-6 sailors October 1985

Wing inspectors laud VP-6 sailors 
The Barbers Pointer, October 1985 
by LT Bruce Hagaman 

   During at-home training cycles and between Ready Alert months, VP squadrons have a series of demanding inspections to test every aspect of their readiness. The most administratively comprehensive of these is the Command Inspection (CI). The World Famous Blue Sharks of VP-6 had their CI this month and passed with flying colors. 

   The CI delves into every facet of day to day squadron activity. Inspectors from Patrol Wing Two, to whom all Barbers Point VP squadrons report, thoroughly examine the administrative, personnel and maintenance practices of VP-6 during the week-long check. They check each shop's paperwork and procedures for errors, omissions or to recommend making changes.

   The final events of the CI are a personnel inspection of all hands and a tour of squadron spaces, both conducted by Commander Patrol Wing Two, CAPT. Ronald Testa. He was impressed by the squadron's appearance and singled out the men of the Avionics/Armament Division as especially noteworthy. He then announced that the squadron overall had passed the CI.

   When the final marks were in, several areas were rated Outstanding. The Maintenance Training Branch, under LT Ray Garza, AT1 Todd Johnston and AO1 Melchor Tagle was one and AZ1 Allen Crisp was praised for his work in Logs and Records. The Communications Material Security Branch was also highly praised, and the Training and Operations Departments were jointly recognized for their outstanding efforts.

   LT Craig Powell, Readiness Officer, and LT Kurt Showalter, Pilot Training Officer were both singled out for their excellent programs. Of the Maintenance workcenters, AMS1 Novak and his Airframes shop, and AXC Cummings, AT1 Hassey and their Avionics shop were rated outstanding. The Aviators Equipment Branch was lauded for its dramatic improvement since the last inspection.

   With this major inspection completed successfully, the squadron is ready to move on to its next challenge. November is VP-6's Ready Alert month, and the World Famous Blue Sharks Can Do!