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“The World Famous Blue Sharks” (1943-1993) PATRON SIX“
“This site is dedicated to preserving the history and memories of the shipmates of Patrol Squadron SIX.”


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HomeLT Jack Miller steps down as ASO 1987

An era ends at VP-6 safety office

The January VP-6 J.O. change brings with it many alterations to the status quo around the Blue Shark spaces. Unfamiliar environments, brilliant careers dashed, et cetera, et cetera, but no change will be so heart-felt as that which will take place in the Blue Shark Safety Department when VP-6's current Aviation Safety Officer, LT Jack "Balut" Miller, surrenders the conn to his replacement. This will truly signify the end of a safety era for the Blue Sharks.
   LT Miller, who doubles as the crusty-but-benign PPC of VP-6's "Bob & the Boys" of crew seven, brought with him to A.S.O. (beyond the concern and professionalism the job usually demands), his own unique brand of wit and humor. "I try to make each safety lecture entertaining as well as educational," LT Miller once said in a blatant attempt at understatement and boy, did he succeed. Each time "Big Jack Balut" rose to address the squadron during safety standowns, an expectant hush fell over the assembled Blue Sharks, and each time LT Miller sat down at the end of his presentation, the Blue Sharks were unanimous in their praise. By LT Miller's own admission each and every "Balutco Productions, Ltd." Safety presentation was a "sight and sound extravaganza rivaling, Disneyland." 
Entertaining, to be sure, as proven by VP-6's outstanding safety record.
   LT Miller's dedication to his squadronmates and to his job have been great 
for the squadron and for its morale, so as he moves off to work in Ops as 
Flight Officer, LT Miller will leave some big shoes to fill. LT Steve Brodersen,
his replacement, is ready and eager to begin. Our only question now is, "just 
what's gonna happen to Ops?"

Photo courtesy VP-6 Blue Shark's Aviation Safety Officer, LT.  Jack "Balut" Miller demonstrates how not to cut paper!