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“The World Famous Blue Sharks” (1943-1993) PATRON SIX“
“This site is dedicated to preserving the history and memories of the shipmates of Patrol Squadron SIX.”


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Ninety-one Men of VP-6 Hold DFC
Contributed by Leland Moore

   These officers and men of Patrol Squadron Six were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross at a formal ceremony here recently. A total of 91 men of the unit have been awarded the decoration since the outbreak of Korean hostilities. More than half of these are "white hats". 

   Front row, left to right: E. D. Raglin, AT1; O. D. Rhea, Jr., AL3; R.M. Price, AL3; W. E. Joynt, AO1; M. S. Charlton, AL1; C. A. Pomeroy, AL2; J. H. Smith, AL2, and R. A. Slamin, AE2.

   Middle row, left to right: J. L. Mitchell, AOC; W. E. Margerum, ATC; E. L. Mosher, AL2; C. V. Miller, AO1; D. E. Martinez, AD1; P. R. Roster, AD1; R. S. Baggett, AO1; R. T. Colley, AL2; R. E. Mead, AD1, and R. L. McKnight, AD1.

   Back row, left to right: J. C. Hodgson, LTJG; H. D. Wood, LT; D. L. Egger, LTJG; F. L. Acosta, Jr., ALC; S. Rosenfeld, LTJG; L. R. Humiston, AMC (APC); R. C. Pickering, ENS; C. E. Costelow, ADC; R. L. Ettinger, LCDR; J. J, Cieslewicz, ADC; R. J. Perkinson, CDR; J. C. Oberg, ADC; T. E. Stone, LTJG; B. E. Hartzog, AOC; H. D. Libby, ENS; J. A. Seargeant, LT; A. E. McNally, ENS; W. F. Thompson, LTJG; F. A. Prehn, Jr., ENS; J. D. Rowe, ENS, and R. J. Sullivan, LT.